What is the cost to retain an attorney for my Workers’ Compensation case?
There is no upfront fee to retain our law firm. You will never be asked to pay any money to our office. Our attorneys only get paid a small percentage of any monetary amounts we get for you via settlement or trial.

I was injured at work, but it was my own fault. Is there anything that can be done?
Absolutely. If you made a mistake and injured yourself, you are still have a case.

I am scared that my employer will fire me or demote me if I file a workers’ compensation claim. Do I put my job in jeopardy if I file a workers’ compensation claim?
It is against the law for your employer to retaliate against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.
There are numerous protections in place to ensure that your employer does not retaliate against you and terminate your employment. One powerful tool in a workers’ compensation claim is filing a Labor Code 132(a) claim. If your employer fires you, a 132(a) claim will be added to your case.
Our law firm will not allow your employer to retaliate against you and get away with it.

My workers’ compensation claim was denied. Can I still be helped?
Yes. Employers will routinely deny workers’ compensation claims without thoroughly investigating the injury and circumstances surrounding the injury. This goes back to the basic premise that the employer is looking out for its own rights – not your rights.
If your claim was denied, it is imperative that you contact our office as soon as possible. The time frame to move forward with a denied claim is very short.

I was injured at work and my employer sent me to the doctor. However, the doctor said I am not injured and told me to go back to work. I’m still in pain. Is there anything that I can do?
Yes. Again, the employer will usually look out for the company’s best interest. The company has a vested interest in having a doctor report stating that there is no injury. Contact our office so that we can send you to competent doctors who have no loyalty to your employer.

I am not able to drive. What can I do?
Our law office has a large presence all over Southern California. There is no need to drive to our office – we will send an attorney to you. That’s right – we do not send sales people or paralegals to you. We can usually send an attorney to you on the same day that you call.
Once you retain our office, we attempt to arrange transportation to your doctor appointments and court hearings if necessary. Contact our office for further details.

Why do I need a workers’ compensation attorney? Can’t I handle it myself?
Workers’ compensation is a highly technical area of the law. Employers and insurance companies will often fail to tell you about benefits you are entitled to. For instance, you may be entitled to job retraining or additional schooling and education. Our attorneys can ensure that you are maximizing your ability to collect all available benefits.

In addition, our attorneys can tailor your case to meet your goals. If your goal is to heal from your injury as soon as possible and return to work, we will tailor your case toward that goal. If your goal is to buy out your future medical care and treat with your own doctors, we will aim our representation for those needs.

Again, our attorneys will go to you and discuss your specific needs with you right away.

I do not have a physical injury, but I feel stressed and experience anxiety while at work. Can I still file a workers’ compensation claim?
Workers’ compensation claims can be filed for psychological symptoms such as anxiety, stress, or depression.

What if I have old injuries or have been injured in the past? Can I still file a Workers’ Compensation claim?
Yes. A work condition will often aggravate an old or existing injury. Sometimes a person will have multiple old injuries and still have a great Workers’ Compensation case. When this occurs, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney to handle this matter as it requires careful planning to ensure the claim is properly pled.

I am an undocumented worker. Can I still file a workers’ compensation claim?
Absolutely. Undocumented workers and non-United States citizens are entitled to the same protections in workers’ compensation cases as United Stated citizens. Our office has assisted countless undocumented workers obtain proper medical treatment and monetary settlements to compensate for permanent injuries.

My employer said that I will be deported if I file a workers’ compensation claim? What do I do?
You need to contact an attorney immediately so that your rights can be protected. Threats by an employer to contact deportation authorities if the employee files a workers’ compensation claim are highly illegal.

How do I get a hold of an Attorney at Golden & Timbol, P.C.

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