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In all states employers are prohibited from retaliating against their employees who have exercised a legal right. There are times when an employee might make either an informal or formal complaint about things like age discrimination, workplace discrimination or disability discrimination. In such cases, employers cannot legally retaliate against that employee.

Apart from the more obvious forms of retaliation, there are also numerous subtle ways in which retaliation might be expressed. The employee might be ignored or leave request might be refused. There are times when an employer may simply refuse to support their employee’s efforts of advancing in their career.

The Repercussions of Employer Retaliation

If you have experienced any kind of discrimination at your workplace, A Southern California employer retaliation attorney from Golden & Timbol will be able to help you. We will help you with pursuing the results and the compensation that you rightfully deserve. We will understand your case thoroughly and also seek all the facts in the case. The different forms of employer retaliation are:

  • Employers might retaliate by refusing a promotion to a deserving and worthy employee
  • In some cases, an employee might not be terminated- an employer might simply demote the employee
  • There are several cases wherein employers write negative reviews about employees
  • There are instances where employers have retaliated against a spouse, friend or mentor of the employee.

Retaliation is not just about harassment, insults and humiliation. The employee loses his/her self-confidence and it might also result in reduced earnings. In some cases, the employee in Southern California might be offered dangerous or inferior assignments. If retaliation is not addressed, it can extend for several years and might even last for the entire tenure of the employment with that organization. This makes it extremely important for you to consult a Southern California employer retaliation attorney if you feel that you are a victim of retaliation.

Southern California Employer Retaliation Lawyer

It can be very demeaning and demotivating to be ignored at your workplace and can result in a plateaued career. You might be sent to a remote department / office in the building or might even be transferred to an undesirable city. If you feel harassed in any way, call employer retaliation attorney without delay.

Keep in mind that you have rights and we are here to protect them. We have the skills and the experience to reach a favorable resolution for you. Call a Southern California employer retaliation attorney from Golden & Timbol for experienced legal help. Call us at 1-888-450-1021 or fill out our online contact form.