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A Southern California temporary disability attorney from Golden & Timbol can help you file a temporary disability claim, or assist you if your claim was denied.  We know exactly how the insurance industry works and also know how to position your case strategically, to ensure that you get a favorable outcome. Whether you are relying on the workers’ compensation system, or filing a claim against a third party for your injury, our experienced attorneys can advocate on your behalf in order to get the compensation you deserve.

How Can a Temporary Disability Lawyer Help Me?

If you have suffered from a temporary disability, and are unable to work at full capacity, a temporary disability attorney will make sure that no rights are denied to you and that you get the highest possible compensation in your case. We do our homework thoroughly which helps in advancing your temporary disability claim.  We are very dedicated in our approach and make a concerted effort to understand all the circumstances of your case.

A temporary disability attorney in Southern California will advocate for all your goals in disability denials, disputes and claims. We mediate effectively, arbitrate and negotiate tirelessly and keep your interests in view at all times. We are solidly by your side through every bend in your temporary disability case or even your medical benefits dispute. We are very aggressive when it comes to advocating for you and provide you with all the options and facts that are relevant.

Southern California Temporary Disability Lawyer

With all the experience that we have handling these types of cases, we know exactly what we are up against and are also aware of any restrictions. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible, as there are certain deadlines with disability claims. We need enough time to evaluate the claim and then collect all the relevant information after which we take appropriate legal action. This is the best way to ensure that all your rights are protected.

We aim at making an impact with any case that we take up and want to make it crystal clear to the insurance company that you have a very experienced attorney fighting your case for you. We have a reputation for providing consistent results in resolving temporary disability disputes. The important thing is not to lose hope. If your disability claim has been denied or you need to file one, contact A Southern California temporary disability attorney from Golden & Timbol without delay. Call us at 1-888-450-1021 or fill out our online contact form.